May 27, 2011

101 in 1001

Disclaimer: this is not my first 101 in 1001 rodeo.  I recently “completed” my first 101 in 1001 list on December 31, 2010.  When I wrote that first list, it seemed like 1001 days would always be far off into the future, that I would always have plenty of time to do everything my heart desired.  In reality, TIME FREAKING FLIES DUDE.  December 31, 2010 rolled around and I had a mere 16 things scratched off my list.

But instead of feeling all sad and shameful, I just made doing a little bit better the first thing on my next list.  How AWESOME and self-accepting is THAT!

I’ll be checkin em off and maybe highlighting some of the awesome ones on this here blog.  My deadline is September 28, 2013, so I better get crackin!

1. complete more than 30% of these goals
2. take a pottery class
3. run a 5k
4. grow an herb garden
5. host a potluck dinner
6. volunteer at the humane society
7. visit the detroit zoo
8. visit NYC for a weekend
9. go camping in the UP
10. make a cheesecake
11. finish my second masters degree
12. get a new job
13. start a small freelance business
14. write my grandad an letter/email
15. make a necklace
16. make a skirt
17. update my professional portfolio
18. update my personal website
19. get forearm tattoo completed
20. send a postsecret
21. take a kickboxing class
22. buy a suit that makes me look bangin!
23. try a new recipe once a month (2/34)
24. go paintballing
25. rip all of my cd’s to the hard drive
26. enter a chili cook-off
27. organize my “if i die” system
28. lose 40 pounds (62/40)
29. finish my tattoo sleeve
30. go letterboxing at least once
31. go to a college football game
32. complete 100 push-ups program
33. volunteer as a salvation army bell-ringer
34. take a karate class
35. keep an orchid alive long enough to bloom again
36. go on an information diet for a week
37. participate in a habitat for humanity build
38. save $6000 ($0/$6000)
39. send a “just because” card to a friend once a month (9/34)
40. complete a team in training event
41. improve credit score by 100 points
42. host a poker night
43. abstain from fast food for one month
44. buy a bowling ball
45. take a hip hop dance class
46. go canoeing or kayaking
47. go on a cruise
48. fold 100 origami cranes
49. learn 10 asl signs (0/10)
50. read 5 works of fiction (0/5)
51. walk the breast cancer 3 day
52. finish an entire sudoku book
53. go ice staking
54. do yoga once a week for 3 months
55. run a mile without stopping
56. play a game of chess with jeffrey
57. work out 3 times a week for 3 months
58. eat at the melting pot
59. get a facial
60. keep a written journal
61. have a child
62. get my online presence organized
63. buy a DSLR
64. record a song with jeffrey
65. get health insurance
66. quit smoking
67. travel out of the country
68. refinish the dressers
69. make a home
70. organize our music collection
71. publish something
72. visit the detroit historical museum
73. create a photo book of our wedding
74. knit jeff a scarf
75. create a work of art
76. go to a comedy show
77. teach a class
78. get my teeth whitened
79. take a train ride
80. take a course to learn another language
81. buy a treadmill
82. bake a loaf of bread from scratch
83. go on a vacation with friends
84. visit two new states (2/2)
85. get involved in a community project
86. go to at least 2 concerts of my choice per year (1/5)
87. make an awesome mix cd
88. complete 200 sit-ups program
89. send a message in a bottle
90. read 10 books (1/10)
91. throw a party
92. take an oral history of my mother
93. visit california
94. visit a winery
95. make a quilt
96. go on a picnic with someone i love
97. act in a community play
98. donate/throw away 100 things i don’t need (100/100)
99. buy a little black dress
100. make a video slideshow of my twenties
101. deposit $10 per completed task to savings ($0/$1010)
Deadline: September 28, 2013


  1. I love the first task! – Rachel

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