January 2, 2013

Information Architecture Implications from Honest Seduction

When I was a student at UMSI, I took an Information Architecture class in which I had to deliver a book report on a recommended text.  I was assigned Honest Seduction: Using Post-Click Marketing to Turn Landing Pages into Game Changers.  While it wasn’t as sexy as the title implied, I learned a lot about digital marketing by reading and presenting on the book, and I continue to utilize what I learned in my work at Organic.
Last month, a few colleagues in the UX department and I decided to start a UX Book Club to keep up on trends in the field and expand our collective knowledge. Since I already had this presentation prepared, I decided to re-cap it for our inaugural meeting.
And now, I shall share it with you, internet.  Unfortunately, Slideshare doesn’t include the notes from the native file, which is where most of the “meat” of this presentation is.  But if you’d like a cliff-notes version anyway, flipping through the slides oughta do ya just fine.

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December 31, 2012

2012 // The Year of TCB

Oh, 2012.  What a year you’ve been!  When I decided to write a year in review post, I began listing out all of the highlights of the last 12 months and discovered quite quickly that 2012 was indeed the year of takin care o’ business.  Since I was too busy to do much blogging this…

by Emily Bowman
November 30, 2012

The Soda Debate

Perhaps I should re-name this the “Quitting Soda Blog”.  My post about how I quit my insane Diet Coke addiction continues to be one of the most popular posts on this blog and is still generating comments. One of which comes from Everyday Health, who suggested I share their infographic on sugary sodas.  And even…

by Emily Bowman
November 28, 2012

Convincing Clients

Yesterday I led my first client meeting at Organic.  While I’ve been producing client-facing deliverables such as annotated wireframes, user flows, and content matrixes since I began my role in May, this was the first project where I was lead UX and thus, responsible for presenting wireframes to the client. Presenting to clients in general…

by Emily Bowman
Conference Room