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I think it might be a bad omen to say that I started this blog because I hate writing.  But it’s true.

Okay, maybe HATE is too strong of a word.  I dislike… I avoid… I get nauseous.  I experience some of the worst writer’s block known to man.  And yet, I choose academia as a career… a choice that guarantees me one required writing after another, from graduate school to retirement.  WHAT AM I THINKING!?

So as the wise old internet has suggested, I’ve decided to PRACTICE.  And what better to practice writing about than my oh-so-awesome life (Is that sarcasm you hear? Why yes, yes it is.).  Hmm… maybe writing can manifest awesomeness.  Yes, let’s go with that.

Alas, what we have here at awesomania.com, ladies and gents, is 80% “learning how to not hate writing” and 20% “making life more awesome”.

Can ya dig it?

xo Em

PS – It took me 41 minutes to write this page.  SO NOT KIDDING.

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  1. Jeffrey Bowman

    After reading this I don’t know how I got you to say,”I do” but I’m the luckiest man alive. Give life hell Emily I’ll always have your back.


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