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Awesome Find // Birthday Giveaway

Y’all know Sarah at Sillygrrl, right? Wellll, she’s havin a fun little giveaway in honor of her birthday, and ya might wanna get yr butt on over there and get in on the action.  Her mad design skills and some ad space are up for grabs… ain’t she sweet?  She’s one of my favorite bloggers and a fellow Michigander, so you KNOW I got love.  You should, too!

Happy birthday Sarah!

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Awesome Finds // 10.19.11

So the past few weeks have been CRAY-ZAY y’all. I’ve been missin out on all kinds of blog posts, and I haven’t had a most awesome week ever in over a month! But I did manage to find a few awesome things over the past couple of weeks that can tide you over until my next rant. Enjoy!

So, what do you think about these Bundlr link round-ups?

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Using Web Tools to Curate the Web

Tools, part 1
CC BY-SA Flickr user scjody

As I may have alluded to, one of the focus areas in my graduate studies is digital collections and curation.  In fact, one of my jobs at the University of Michigan is in the Digital Curation department at the Bentley Historical Library.  While most of my time there is spent performing QA on the web archives and processing digital collections, a lot of my cognitive energy is spent contemplating how to curate massive collections so that the best of it makes it out of the depths of the repository and into your eyeballs.  And then, into your brain!

As you may recognize, the web is a vast and dynamic collection in and of itself.  How do we find what we’re looking for?  Better yet, how do we find what we don’t know we’re looking for?  Enter: the social network.  While the social web may have been built around our desire to connect, its growth can clearly be attributed to our reliance on our networks to help us find the best, most relevant content.  Obviously, there is no shortage of tools to share interesting content in a one-off fashion: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, take your pick.  But for carefully curated collections of web content that are explicitly relevant to users, no tool has met the need as well as the blogosphere’s link round-up.  It’s as effective as it is pervasive.  As simple as it is extensive.  The only problem?  It’s always done the same way.

I came across Digital Inspiration’s Best Tools for Content Curation in my feed reader one day and I knew immediately it deserved another look.  Outlining the pros and cons of several content curation tools, the article helped me to rediscover tools I had long forgotten (what up Delicious!), as well as new ones I had yet to try.  With all the growing options for content curation tools, I figured I would test some of them out to see if I could add a little sumthin sumthin to the blog’s oldest content curation mechanism (besides the blog itself): the link roundup.

Over the next month or two, I’ll be adding a new weekly link round-up feature utilizing a couple of the tools I’ve found to be the best fit for this particular service.  First up is Bundlr.  It’s simple to use a la Firefox extension, supports a good number of web services, and can be embedded.  Which Storify–the next on deck–does as well.  I’ll be looking out for several things as I conduct this little experiment: usability, service integration, ease of sharing, and probably some more stuff I encounter along the way.

So stay tuned every Wednesday for some awesome web content coming your way courtesy of yours truly and these (possibly excellent?) tools.  I strongly encourage you to share your feedback.  Do these tools suck?  Do they make a link roundup better?  Do you think I suck at picking out interesting web content?  Whatever the case, holla back in the comments!

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Awesome Find // A Peek Inside the Creative Process

When the following gem popped up in my Google Reader today, I knew I had to make my feeble attempt at spreading it far and wide into the interweb. And while there is certainly no lack of awesome videos on the web that I could share with you… this is one of the few I have come across that has some background to go along with it.

I follow a design/illustration blog called Abduzeedo–which I highly recommend if you need a little visual inspiration in your life–and today they published one of the most thorough depictions of an artist’s creative process I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong, the final product is amazing. But looking behind the lens at how a work of art comes too be is totally fascinating to me. Abduzeedo’s piece takes you all the way through Studio Alopra’s creative process, from storyboarding to post-production. Studio Alopra even produced a making of video themselves!

If you’re a voyeur like me and enjoy peekin in on how awesome stuff is created, check it out on Abduzeedo.

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