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Awesome Friends // Facebook Love

So, I have a Facebook page for my blog now.  Partly because I felt bad pushing auto-updates to all of my friends and partly because it is part of my INTERNET DOMINATION STRATEGY!  Just kidding.  Or am I?

If you’ve ever set up a Facebook page–for your blog, your freelance business, your band–you know the sad and lonely feeling of having “0 likes” staring at you.  It sucks.  And it makes you feel like a total loser broadcasting your page to all of your friends.  It’s like, “Hey guys… nobody else likes this stupid thing.  Why don’t you?” People ignore you.  It’s common and understandable.  We’re all so overwhelmed by social media these days!

This is why a little incentive is needed on occasion. The other morning I was staring down 25 likes on my page–which is the point at which you can assign a username to your page, btw–with a mere 4 more to go, so I put out the following call out to my Facebook friends:

The next 4 people to like my blog’s FB page will get a really exceptional shout out on the interwebs!

And I’m glad I did, because not only did I meet that 25 likes goal (31 and still going!), but I get to tell YOU, dearest internet, about these awesomely fantastic people.  Yeah yeah, I said “the next 4 people”, but the extra 2 are bonus material.  Feel free to thank me later.

stepMeet Stephan!

I first met Stephan when I interviewed for the Director of Student Development position and my first impression was “this dude knows what he’s doin”.  I got the job (obviously) and spent the next two years chattin and collaboratin with this stud on the daily.  What makes him awesome?  He’s a super-smart, driven, and unabashedly confident guy who is a student affairs badass.  And we could all use one of those, couldn’t we?



alliMeet Alli!

Talk about a blast from the past.  Alli was my bona-fide BFF back in the 7-9th grade era.  We shared a love of Alice in Chains and all things hilarious.  She is credited with introducing me to Snoop Dog (well, her and MTV) and we often battled over who was hotter: Eddie Vedder or Scott Weiland.  What makes her awesome?  These days she’s gettin her autism and neuroscience research on up in DC.  I know how to pick em smart, don’t I?



kellyMeet Kelly!

Although I met Kelly in person many moons ago through an ex-beau of mine, we’ve been internet buddies for a good 6 years or so.  Lucky for me, she’s back in the flesh as the foxy fiance of a friend of mine.  Perhaps you remember when she was in the running for a free wedding.  What makes her awesome?  A woman of varied interests, she brings the awesome wherever she goes.  With a rad attitude and a willingness to hang with us GCKB goofballs, she’s proven herself to be the cat’s pajamas.  Oh, and her mom reads my blog!


mattMeet Matt!

Could there be a more awesomesweetsmarthandsome dude on the planet!? I THINK NOT! This spectacular man is my little brother Matthew and OF COURSE he would help me out. That’s what awesome brothers do. I could write forever about what makes Matt awesome… a little tidbit or two: he invented his own monkey language in high school and is a killer drummer. And yes, ladies, he’s single! Unless something has changed in the last week or so.



jamieMeet Jamie!

Oh sweet, sweet Jamie.  AKA “Slow Poke”.  It’s been way too long, but Jamie holds a special place in my heart… we were kickin it on the reg during the time in my life that I would consider my “coming of age”.  What makes her so awesome?  She is easily one of the most humbly talented women I’ve ever known.  She can sing like a old-school jazz diva and dance like a chorus girl (to Eye of the Tiger, no less).  She’s got great taste and a serious obsession with all things Japanese.  Love her!


tinerMeet Tina!

Tina could easily be my new friend find of the entire decade.  Friend of a friend turned ride-or-die bestie.  It’s been a few years since we were inseparable, but that’s life for you.  Damn you, distance!  What makes her awesome?  Let me count the ways: she’s a beautiful, spiritual, blast to be with gorgeous dancer, with an open mind, a deep heart, bitchin style, and great taste in music.  Oh, and she can cut a mean hairdo, too.



amyMeet Amy!

Aww hell.  It feels a little unnatural putting Amy up there as she is and always will be P to me.  Besties since the nineties, this girl captured my heart when she put the moves on me in our high school calculus class.  What makes her awesome?  YOU WILL NEVER MEET A FUNNIER HUMAN BEING. Seriously, you cannot hang with his girl and not have a good time.  She’s a sweetheart with the mouth of a sailor and the hollow leg of a pirate.  And she is a culinary ASSASSIN!



So, there you have it folks.  Six totally awesome friends of mine that have shown their support for me and this blog.  I feel so lucky to have them and all of the other friends and family who have supported me and my projects over the years.  I hope I never forget to communicate my gratitude for having them in my life.

As for you, dear readers, I hope y’all will: (1) like this blog on Facebook; and (2) never forget to give a shout out to those who support you, no matter how ridiculous your idea might be.

xo Em


PS – I sure have some good-looking friends, don’t I?


Awesome Weddings // Past & Future

A few months ago I was a bridesmaid matron of honor in the wedding of two of my best friends, Jenny and Jackson. It was my first time in a wedding party where I actually had to do things. Which, in all honesty, makes it a little less fun.  And a lot more expensive.  Just kidding, Jenny… if you’re even reading this!  Some friend you are!! 

No, no, really… I felt very honored to participate.  I’ve known these fools (as a couple) for nearly ten years and it was quite the tearjerker when they finally tied the knot after all that time.  I was kinda rooting for common law, though: a husband when you want one, FREEDOM when you don’t. ;)

Aren’t they just precious?

DSC_0207-1 copy
Fair use, Flickr user: teamburnstar

It was easily the best wedding I’ve ever been to aside from my own.  Great friends + great music + great food + great venue + great afterparty = wicked good time.  AND, THEY HAD A PHOTOBOOTH!

One of the best things about it was that I got to live vicariously through Jenny as she planned her wedding–which was exciting to me because the hubs and I gave up on the wedding we were planning and eloped in Vegas.  Now, I have a chance to live vicariously through another awesome couple–Kelly and Nic–as they plan their upcoming nuptials.  They are the foxy pair in the middle up there.

This scenario, however, is a little different.  These two lucky kids made it to the top ten finalists of the Pensacola Block Party Wedding Giveaway:  a contest in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida giving away $75,000 worth of the city’s best wedding and event services.  Free venue on the streets of downtown Pensacola on Gallery Night + free catering + free photography + free beautification + free invitations + tons of other free stuff for the winners.  The winners who, as it turns out, will be selected by THE INTERNET.

So get ready to get your click on and help my homies out.  As if you needed any encouragement other than my good word, here are the top 3 reasons they deserve to win:

  1. They are O.G. downtown kids.  Grew up and threw up in the streets of downtown Pensacola.  I think it oughta be a prerequisite for tying the knot block party style downtown.
  2. They are both bona fide creatives.  Kelly is a graphic designer and marketing maven and Nic is a musician.  If this is going down on Gallery Night, the bride and groom oughta fit the scene.
  3. These two know how to BRING THE DAMN PARTY.

All you have to do is go to  Look for this picture:

And fill out the super short 20 second form with your email address and your vote for Kelly Blackwell and Nicolas Pauwels.

Once you’re done, just sit back and wait for the sugar-sweet internet karma to come rollin on back to you.  It’s just that easy.

xo Em