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Awesome Summer Adventures // Part 2

Hey y’all!  Remember that little post I did about my trip to Chicago this summer?  And remember how I kind of implied that there was more to come by naming it “Awesome Summer Adventures // Part 1“?  Well, since autumn is right around the corner, it might be about time to introduce the next episode.  So I’ma gone ahead and do that…


Yes, you read that right.  Cleveland.  Perhaps not the summer adventure you may have thought of when you read the title of this post.  In fact, Cleveland was not my idea of a summer adventure either.  But some old school friends of the hubs from Florida were gonna be there for a week or so and Jeffrey and I had a long weekend to spare, so off we went.  To Cleveland.  Horray.

As it turns out, Cleveland wasn’t nearly as desolately boring as the 5 hours of Ohio we usually drive through in order to get the hell out of Michigan.  It was green and lush, had a glorious breeze, and was home to some surprising swankiness.  In case you don’t remember your geography, Cleveland is lakefront property.  Actually, more like oceanfront property if you’ve never seen a great lake before.  As a Michigan resident, OF COURSE I’ve seen a great lake before.  But not one as vast, serene, and beautiful as this one.

Another really awesome thing about Cleveland is all of the charming little neighborhoods and old brick buildings.  I’m a sucker for old ass buildings.  Especially old ass brick buildings.  And boy, does Cleveland got em.  We dined in Little Italy (and overdosed on cannolis) and drove around the old downtown areas that have clearly been there since god was a boy.  Since the whole point of the trip was to spend some QT with Jeffrey’s friends, we even had some time to get some silly kodak moments with our buds.  FYI, this is generally what life is like in Ohio:


The absolute best part of our trip to Cleveland was our day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I must admit, when I first learned that it was in Cleveland I was like, “WTF! You mean to tell me that the world’s largest rock and roll museum is in some BFE town like Cleveland?  Cleveland, OHIO?!”  But y’all, for real.  Even if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the only reason you visit Cleveland, it will be worth every minute, every dime, every boring mile you spend driving through the state of Ohio.  (Sorry for all the anti-Ohio stuff… I am a Wolverine after all)

The one shitty thing about that place was this: NO CAMERAS ALLOWED.  Seriously.  Even cell phones.  But, being the outlaws that we are, we snuck a few.  Like this one:

Johnny Cash’s git-fiddle!

And this one:

Jimi Hendrix’s quilted outfit of awesomeness!

I think my favorite part of the museum was the special exhibit they had goin on entitled “Women Who Rock”.  Of course, all of bitchin ladies you’d expect were highlighted… Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Kim Deal, Tina Turner, Madonna, Siouxie Sioux, Patty Smith, Janis Joplin, etc, etc.  I did have to do a major double take when I saw some imposters in there though.  Nelly Furtado?  Rhianna?  Are you KIDDING me?  I’m not saying they aren’t good at what they do.  I’m just sayin they ain’t worthy of the adoration true female rock and roll icons are.  At least they had the good sense to include my teen idol Kathleen Hanna in there:

Anyhow, it was fascinating to be within a mere 6 inches of rock and roll–nay, AMERICAN–history and I highly recommend a trip to anyone who can make the drive.  Chances are, Cleveland will surprise you just as much as it did me.

xo Em

PS – Oh yeah, and since I’ve never done more than get out of the car to pee in Ohio, I considered this a visit to a brand new state.  Which means, I crossed off #84 on my 101 in 1001 list.  Hells yeah.

Awesome Summer Adventures // Part 1


I do believe I mentioned it before, but I started off my summer travels with a long weekend in the Windy City with my GCKB comrade and BFF, Jenny.  She lives in Atlanta and was heading there for the HOW Design Conference because she’s a bad mamma jamma Creative Director now.  Since Chicago is a mere 5 hours away, I hopped on a train to join her for the weekend.  It turned out to be a splendid trip because not only did I get to see her beautiful face, share in her design learnin, and check out (some of) the wonders of a new city, but my train ride to Illinois knocks off #79 and (almost) #84 of my 101 in 1001 list.

Unfortunately our time in Chicago was limited, so I stuck to the touristy Loop area while she was in sessions so we could meet for lunch.  Nevertheless, I got to check out some of the downtown Chicago greats like the Bean (or Cloud Gate, as it is officially called), Millennium Park, and the collection of badassery at the The Art Institute of Chicago. Check out my crappy picture of their awesome lions:

I also muscled up the courage to step out onto the sky decks on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. I didn’t get too far, though. There were 47 people crammed onto a 3×6 glass ledge and, well, I just didn’t trust it enough to hold us all for very long. Here is proof that I do have some balls:

103rd floor.

Look at that fantastic view!

What a view.

After a few days of goofin around as tourists, eatin well at Ginos and The Purple Pig, and lounging around in our dope hotel suite, we wrapped up the trip with a boat tour of downtown Chicago architecture. Which was a lot cooler than it sounds. Here go Jenny… ain’t she a beaut?


I had an awesome time.  However, thanks for the final memory of my trip goes to the girl who was giving her boyfriend a hand job across the aisle from me on the train home.  Way to go, kids.

x0, Em

PS – If you’re lookin for a more in-depth tourist review of Chicago, check out Gala Darling’s International Playgirl’s Guide to Chicago.  She actually did stuff.

101 in 1001

Disclaimer: this is not my first 101 in 1001 rodeo.  I recently “completed” my first 101 in 1001 list on December 31, 2010.  When I wrote that first list, it seemed like 1001 days would always be far off into the future, that I would always have plenty of time to do everything my heart desired.  In reality, TIME FREAKING FLIES DUDE.  December 31, 2010 rolled around and I had a mere 16 things scratched off my list.

But instead of feeling all sad and shameful, I just made doing a little bit better the first thing on my next list.  How AWESOME and self-accepting is THAT!

I’ll be checkin em off and maybe highlighting some of the awesome ones on this here blog.  My deadline is September 28, 2013, so I better get crackin!

1. complete more than 30% of these goals
2. take a pottery class
3. run a 5k
4. grow an herb garden
5. host a potluck dinner
6. volunteer at the humane society
7. visit the detroit zoo
8. visit NYC for a weekend
9. go camping in the UP
10. make a cheesecake
11. finish my second masters degree
12. get a new job
13. start a small freelance business
14. write my grandad an letter/email
15. make a necklace
16. make a skirt
17. update my professional portfolio
18. update my personal website
19. get forearm tattoo completed
20. send a postsecret
21. take a kickboxing class
22. buy a suit that makes me look bangin!
23. try a new recipe once a month (2/34)
24. go paintballing
25. rip all of my cd’s to the hard drive
26. enter a chili cook-off
27. organize my “if i die” system
28. lose 40 pounds (62/40)
29. finish my tattoo sleeve
30. go letterboxing at least once
31. go to a college football game
32. complete 100 push-ups program
33. volunteer as a salvation army bell-ringer
34. take a karate class
35. keep an orchid alive long enough to bloom again
36. go on an information diet for a week
37. participate in a habitat for humanity build
38. save $6000 ($0/$6000)
39. send a “just because” card to a friend once a month (9/34)
40. complete a team in training event
41. improve credit score by 100 points
42. host a poker night
43. abstain from fast food for one month
44. buy a bowling ball
45. take a hip hop dance class
46. go canoeing or kayaking
47. go on a cruise
48. fold 100 origami cranes
49. learn 10 asl signs (0/10)
50. read 5 works of fiction (0/5)
51. walk the breast cancer 3 day
52. finish an entire sudoku book
53. go ice staking
54. do yoga once a week for 3 months
55. run a mile without stopping
56. play a game of chess with jeffrey
57. work out 3 times a week for 3 months
58. eat at the melting pot
59. get a facial
60. keep a written journal
61. have a child
62. get my online presence organized
63. buy a DSLR
64. record a song with jeffrey
65. get health insurance
66. quit smoking
67. travel out of the country
68. refinish the dressers
69. make a home
70. organize our music collection
71. publish something
72. visit the detroit historical museum
73. create a photo book of our wedding
74. knit jeff a scarf
75. create a work of art
76. go to a comedy show
77. teach a class
78. get my teeth whitened
79. take a train ride
80. take a course to learn another language
81. buy a treadmill
82. bake a loaf of bread from scratch
83. go on a vacation with friends
84. visit two new states (2/2)
85. get involved in a community project
86. go to at least 2 concerts of my choice per year (1/5)
87. make an awesome mix cd
88. complete 200 sit-ups program
89. send a message in a bottle
90. read 10 books (1/10)
91. throw a party
92. take an oral history of my mother
93. visit california
94. visit a winery
95. make a quilt
96. go on a picnic with someone i love
97. act in a community play
98. donate/throw away 100 things i don’t need (100/100)
99. buy a little black dress
100. make a video slideshow of my twenties
101. deposit $10 per completed task to savings ($0/$1010)
Deadline: September 28, 2013