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Awesomania Housekeeping

Aloha dear readers!

CC BY-NC-SA Flickr user inf3ktion

In case you didn’t notice, things are lookin a little different around here.  I finally got a little bug up my ass to cross some things off of my Awesomania to-do list.  This week I…

  • Migrated my blog from a hosted site to a self-hosted WordPress site.
  • Installed a bunch of kick-ass WordPress plugins, including some that Sarah at Silly Grrl recommends.
  • Installed a new theme because the default just didn’t do it for me.
  • Redirected my feeds to Feedburner.
  • Set up an Awesomania Facebook page!

I’ve got a lot more to tackle, including designing a custom theme for myself, fancyin up my RSS feed, and adding a lot more awesome in general. So be on the lookout for ch-ch-ch-changes as time goes on!

Most importantly–thanks a bunch to everyone who stopped by during the transition and didn’t flame me or anything. Y’all so sweet.

xo Em