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In Which I Commit a Cardinal Sin of Blogging

This post is dedicated to my girl Tina.  Ain’t she a beaut?

Tiner Bean


I’ve had this post idea rattling around in my head for while in which I would showcase all of the awesome internet celebs that totally make me swoon.  We all have those, right?

Oh, just me then?  Word.

Anyways, it is in this post that I would introduce you to Alexandra Franzen, who is a playalistic word pimp that I discovered last year and haven’t been able to quit internet stalking since.   There are plenty of reasons why this lady is the bee’s knees.  She’s wise beyond her years and has the uncanny ability to motivate you to put your shit out there and WORK IT.  But she also tells it like it is.  She ain’t gonna bullshit you, internet.  And we ALL need someone like that around.

One of my favorite pieces she published was about how to make your website/blog/internet clubhouse NOT SUCK.  Or at the very least, suck less.  I totally agree with her… smart cookie.

But sometimes a girl’s just gotta break the rules.  Please forgive me Ms. Franzen.

Friends, romans, countrymen… please excuse my extended absence.

I didn’t mean to leave you hangin for so long.  After 4 months of coding classes, building a wee little startup, and my new web job, I just couldn’t stand to look a screen in the face any longer that was necessary to receive my paycheck.

I’d had too much.  All that glaring, ticky-tackin on the keyboards, the eventual slump… my poor body just couldn’t take it any more. My eyes, my fingertips, my back.  I needed a break, mmkay?

But I’m back in the swing of things, and you can expect somewhat regular updates here at Awesomania once more.

xo Em