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Most Awesome Six Months Ever // 4.24.12

Today I’m celebrating the most awesome week six months ever.  (I’mmm bbaaaccckkkkkk!)


sold our car // killer turkey fry for Thanksgiving // fell in love with web work at my new job // got jiggy with some networkin // spent Xmas in Pensacola // visited my homie Wes // worked with the awesome team at Are You a Human // my little bro moved back to Pensacola // Hand to Claw released their first album // spring break in the ATL // QUIT SMOKING // celebrated my niece’s 1st birthday // won some awards with Thrive.ly // a Michigan winter that DIDN’T suck // got a new job as an Experience Architect!!  // finished the semester // started disc golfing again // evening walks with my boo // going organic // staring down the light at the end of my MSI tunnel // much, much more that I can’t remember… which is why this should be a regular thing!

What awesomeness are you celebrating this week?

xo Em

Reverb // Humble Beginnings

I’m in the mood to reflect, so I’m hoping on board Reverb 11 and spending the month of December looking back at 2011. 

Hot tub
CC BY-SA Flickr user Andrei!

Prompt for December 1: Humble beginnings.  Where did 2011 begin for you?  Describe where you were, be it physically, emotionally, or otherwise.

2011 began in the backyard hot tub at my in-laws… soft fluffy snowflakes meeting the warm, bubbly water as I hid underneath.  I wouldn’t say I was hammered.  Just a bit inebriated… as is likely on New Year’s Eve.

I remember being somewhat disappointed early in the evening.  Perhaps it was because my family just left and it was my first NYE without my people.  That, and barely anyone showed up to the party at my in-law’s house.   Where was the loud music?  The dancing?  The illicit drugs strong drinks?  I felt like I was getting too old, too fast.  Paired with my move-induced depression, seasonal affective disorder, and chronically low bank account, I was probably the last person anyone wanted to hang out with.

But after a few beers, some good conversation, and a dip in the hot tub, things began to look up as I held on to every shred of gratitude I could muster.  For it was a BEAUTIFUL night and I was with BEAUTIFUL people.

The next morning I started my first day of January as I had always hoped I would, but never managed to due to the oh-so-common New Year’s Day hangover–getting everything organized for a new year.  I cleaned the house, I balanced my (meager) checkbook, did some goal-setting, and packed my bag for school.  It warmed the cockles of my Virgo heart.

I vowed that this would be a great year.

I vowed to get out of my funk.

I vowed to get thing done and take care of business.

And I did all of those things, for the most part.  I made sacrifices, as we all do, and I think next year I will make some vows to repair or renew those things that I sacrificed in 2011.  My marriage, my hobbies, my health.

xo Em

Most Awesome 2 Months Ever // 11.13.11

Today I’m celebrating the most awesome week two months ever.  (Yeah, so I’ve been slackin on my gratitude posts, but it’s not because I ain’t feelin it!)

won a prize from Sillygrrl’s bday giveaway! // kickin ass and takin names at school // got a new FULL-TIME job // began residence at U-M’s startup incubator TechArb // spent some quality time with the fam // successfully re-branded a global campaign // spent several hours on the phone with my locked-up homie Wes // finally cleaned out both cars // rocked my niece to sleep // sold some shit on ebay // pulled off my first Bentley tea-time // Black Sabbath is back in the studio! // Hand to Claw’s inaugural album is nearing completion // bought some much-needed clothing // played in the leaves // got my snuggle on with the pup // much, much more that I can’t really remember

What awesomeness are you celebrating this week?

xo Em

Most Awesome Week Ever // 9.11.11

Today, I’m celebrating the most awesome week 2 weeks ever.

gckb tattoo

turning 31 // my new macbook pro!! // late nights on the porch, home-cooked meals, and lots o laughs with my BFF Jen // a new tattoo! // eatin a meat banana // the spectacle of full-contact jousting and watching our dude win // magic hat no. 9 // people watching at the ren fair // fresh corn chowder… mmmm // organizing my backpack for the first day of school // discovering the “campy b movies” section on netflix // larabars //napping with my puppy // singing songs with the hubs // kickin it with cousin Carolyn // coding // springing for omnifocus to keep me super organized // all my teams–LSU, FSU, Michigan–winning 2 weeks in a row

What awesomeness are you celebrating this week?

xo Emily

Most Awesome Week Ever // 8.28.11

Today, I’m celebrating the most awesome week 3 weeks ever.


surprising the shit out of my bestie Autumn for her 30th birthday // seeing old friends and making new ones // spending a day full of good conversation and laughs with my locked-up homie Wes // getting pedicures with my momma // laying on my mother-in-law’s couch while we talked and she watched bad television // love and excitement from my puppy after being away for several days // lazy days full of many episodes of Mad Men // starting my new web design job and loving it! // making future plans with Jeffrey // good music and stiff drinks // Jeff driving us all the way to Baltimore // not falling off the boat // medicine! // being in Pensacola // planning autumn adventures // picking up choice records from Jojo South // meeting Jeffrey’s childhood friends // long talks on a great front porch // touristin’ it up with the hubs // driving through an area of the country I’ve never seen before // meeting my new doggie friend Hawkins // delicious food with a spectacular view // writing long letters… with pen and paper //a sneak preview of fall weather // wrapping up my summer internship // wifi in the sky // surprise birthday party at work // sorta-kinda job offers // the first birthday texts rollin in // birthday party with the fam //presents! // also, this:

What awesomeness are you celebrating this week?

xo Emily

Most Awesome Week Ever // 8.7.11

I’m celebrating the most awesome week ever!

ditching cable for our new roku player // finishing the last full week of my summer internship // secrets & surprises // discovering bill hicks on my roku // jazzin up my linkedin profile // discovering awesome new apps // having a conversation with my puppy // the temps are a’droppin // getting $100 from rent.com // sleeping in & snuggling with my hubby // watching an awesome documentary on the teynbee tiles on my roku // watching my plants grow // adding to my ashtray collection // listening to Jeffrey play on his new Orange amp // discovering the perfect stretch // did I mention my roku player?

What awesomeness are you celebrating this week?

xo Em

Most Awesome Week Ever // 7.31.11

Today, I’m celebrating the most awesome week ever.

the smelly neighbors who only shower at midnight moving out // Cleveland turning out to be surprisingly rad // long phone chats on the porch with my bestie // making art // planning adventures with Jeffrey // getting my computer to work… finally! // snuggling with a pile of sheets right out of the dryer // being within 12 inches of rock and roll history // napping // stocking up on produce // meeting our mirror couple // potential work-related blogging project in the works // getting sucked in to Mad Men courtesy of Netflix instant streaming // awesome in-laws

What awesomeness are you celebrating this week?

xo Emily