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Dear Neglected Blog,

I miss you so!

I know I’ve been ignoring you since my fabulous trip to Chicago, but things have been quite busy here in Awesomeville.  The most recent development?  I gots my hurr did!

I got my hair did. Cut off 8 inches!

What do you think? I cut eight inches off that mop, effectively ending my husband’s reference to my tresses as “barbarian hair”. He had a point:

barbarian hair

I’m so glad I finally took care of that… I was beginning to look like–as my mother would put it–Maggie Scratch.  Don’t ask me where that comes from.

Anyhow, this was my first haircut of any considerable length in well over a year.  Frankly, I just haven’t cared much about keepin up with the do since I parted (geographically speaking) with my stylist and bestie, Tina.  My stylist sister-in-law did gift me a cut and some color for my birthday last year, but that has come and gone long ago at this point. So since I don’t care much about my hair, I went for the (almost) cheapest option–the Aveda school.

Let me tell you.  IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE IN AT LEAST 11 DAYS.  If you’re an Ann Arborite (or anywhere with an Aveda school-ite) and don’t feel like paying for a $50 haircut, help out the wonderful cosmetology students at the Douglas J Salon/Aveda Institute.  Because they are learning, they friggin DOTE on you, dude.  It’s all scalp massages and fantastic smells up in there.  They ask approximately one billion questions before doing anything and they have supervisors checking their work, so you are virtually guaranteed a decent, if not FANTASTIC, result.  All for the grand ol’ price of $16.

You heard that right.  SIXTEEN DOLLARS.

Can someone please tell me how my hair could look better with a $50 cut?

xo Em